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Spec Communications launches Starting Artists podcast to inspire aspiring creators!

Creative people fascinate me. Writers, musicians, game developers, illustrators, performers - MAKERS! People who get things done, who take risks, who find a way to pursue their dream projects, who weather the storms of self-doubt and rejection, who leave their day jobs behind and embark on new and fulfilling careers - they’re my heroes.

I worked in broadcast TV and radio production for nearly 20 years, in promotions. I’m a hype guy, but I’m ironically not great at hyping myself. I make things for a living, but rarely make anything just because I want to, so that I can share something uniquely mine. I’ve been on a podcast for a decade, but for some reason I’ve had cold feet about getting this project started for years!

I know how to make things. I know how to get attention. But that voice in my head that says, “It’s stupid, you can’t, you’ll fail!” is very powerful.

But, no more. That’s why you’re listening to this, right now! Spec Communications is about helping you find your authentic voice and tell your story. It’s about embracing what makes you different, and finding ways to be heard in a really, really loud world. It’s about storytelling with passion and energy.

Starting Artists is an interview series featuring creators across a variety of media at varying stages of their careers, aimed at inspiring new and aspiring content makers to overcome the obstacles in the way of getting started on their own dream projects.

Listen now on Spec's Podcast page or wherever you get your podcasts!


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