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Owner | Spec Communications, LLC

I started in broadcast as a "promo guy," writing, editing and producing TV promos. My role has expanded to include creative direction, brand messaging, marketing strategy, social media management, long-form video feature production and hosting/voice over. The variety of subject matter is incredible in the work I do, and I've been fortunate to enjoy the freedom to explore innovative approaches and push boundaries along the way.

I have a M.S. in Digital Marketing from Temple's Fox School of Business. Since 2011, I have produced and co-hosted a podcast (You Like the Worst Stuff), helping to develop, launch, and build shows for others over the years as well. I also bring my creative direction and production skills to a variety of clients as a freelance consultant.

I have long been an active volunteer in my community, and am currently serving as School Board Director and Vice President of Public Relations at Craven Hall Historical Society.

I'm a proud dad, a lover of good coffee, and a huge comedy fan. Need to know more? Better yet, have a project to discuss? Head over to the Contact page and get in touch!

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